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3740 Total Publications

Glucose hypometabolism in the Auditory Pathway in Age Related Hearing Loss in the ADNI cohort
Abidin, FNZ, Scelsi, MA, Dawson, S, Altmann, A and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal NeuroImage: Clinical; vol. 102823;
Functional Integrity of Executive Control Network Contributed to Retained Executive Abilities in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Liu, W, Liu, L, Cheng, X, Ge, H, Hu, G, Xue, C, Qi, W, Xu, W, Chen, S, Gao, R, Rao, J and Chen, J
PMCID:8664557 ; 2021; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 13; pp. 710172;
Gray Matter Atrophy in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Voxel-Based Meta-Analysis
Zhang, J, Liu, Y, Lan, K, Huang, X, He, Y, Yang, F, Li, J, Hu, Q, Xu, J and Yu, H
PMCID:8044397 ; 2021; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 13; pp. 627919;
Revisiting convolutional neural network on graphs with polynomial approximations of Laplace-Beltrami spectral filtering
Huang, SG, Chung, MK, Qiu, AQ and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Neural Computing & Applications; vol. 12;
Visit-to-visit blood pressure variability and regional cerebral perfusion decline in older adults
Sible, IJ, Yew, B, Dutt, S, Bangen, KJ, Li, Y, Nation, DA and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I
2021; Journal Neurobiol Aging; vol. 105; pp. 57-63;
Brain-Specific Gene Expression and Quantitative Traits Association Analysis for Mild Cognitive Impairment
Yuan, SX, Li, HT, Gu, Y and Sun, X
PMCID:8229744 ; 2021; Journal Biomedicines; vol. 9; no. 6; pp. 658;
The effect of a post-scan processing denoising system on image quality and morphometric analysis
Kanemaru, N, Takao, H, Amemiya, S and Abe, O
2021; Journal Journal of Neuroradiology;
White matter hyperintensities classified according to intensity and spatial location reveal specific associations with cognitive performance
Melazzini, L, Mackay, CE, Bordin, V, Suri, S, Zsoldos, E, Filippini, N, Mahmood, A, Sundaresan, V, Codari, M, Duff, E, Singh-Manoux, A, Kivimaki, M, Ebmeier, KP, Jenkinson, M, Sardanelli, F and Griffanti, L
PMCID:7995650 ; 2021; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 30; pp. 102616;
Predicting Alzheimer's conversion in mild cognitive impairment patients using longitudinal neuroimaging and clinical markers
Platero, C and Tobar, MC
2021; Journal Brain Imaging Behav; vol. 15; no. 4; pp. 1728-1738;