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4453 Total Publications

Practice Effects in Mild Cognitive Impairment Increase Reversion Rates and Delay Detection of New Impairments
Sanderson-Cimino, M, Elman, JA, Tu, XM, Gross, AL, Panizzon, MS, Gustavson, DE, Bondi, MW, Edmonds, EC, Eppig, JS, Franz, CE, Jak, AJ, Lyons, MJ, Thomas, KR, Williams, ME and Kremen, WS
PMID: 847315 ; PMCID:9083463 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
A fast approximate EM algorithm for joint models of survival and multivariate longitudinal data
Murray, J and Philipson, P
PMID: 107438 ; 2022; Journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis; no. 170;
Exploration of salient risk factors involved in mild cognitive impairment
Samson, AD, Shen, K, Grady, CL and McIntosh, AR
2022; Journal Eur J Neurosci;
Limitations of clinical trial sample size estimate by subtraction of two measurements
Chen, K, Guo, X, Pan, R, Xiong, C, Harvey, DJ, Chen, Y, Su, Y, Reiman, EM and Initiative, AsDN
2022; Journal Statistics in Medicine; no. 41; pp. 7;
β-amyloid PET harmonisation across longitudinal studies: Application to AIBL, ADNI and OASIS3
Bourgeat, P, Doré, V, Burnham, SC, Benzinger, T, Tosun, D, Li, S, Goyal, M, LaMontagne, P, Jin, L, Rowe, CC, Weiner, MW, Morris, JC, Masters, CL, Fripp, J and Villemagne, VL
PMID: 119527 ; 2022; Journal Neuroimage; no. 262;
Is an MRI-derived anatomical measure of dementia risk also a measure of brain aging?
Casanova, R, Anderson, AM, Barnard, RT, Justice, JN, Kucharska-Newton, A, Windham, BG, Palta, P, Gottesman, RF, Mosley, TH, Hughes, TM, Wagenknecht, LE and Kritchevsky, SB
2022; Journal Geroscience; pp. 12;