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4453 Total Publications

Ethnic differences in the frequency of β-amyloid deposition in cognitively normal individuals
Kim, J, Jung, SH, Choe, YS, Kim, S, Kim, B, Kim, HR, Son, SJ, Hong, CH, Na, DL, Kim, HJ, Cho, SJ, Won, HH and Seo, SW
2022; Journal Neurobiol Aging; no. 114;
Practice Effects in Mild Cognitive Impairment Increase Reversion Rates and Delay Detection of New Impairments
Sanderson-Cimino, M, Elman, JA, Tu, XM, Gross, AL, Panizzon, MS, Gustavson, DE, Bondi, MW, Edmonds, EC, Eppig, JS, Franz, CE, Jak, AJ, Lyons, MJ, Thomas, KR, Williams, ME and Kremen, WS
PMID: 847315 ; PMCID:9083463 ; 2022; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; no. 14;
Evaluation of Neuro Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer_s Disease Using Deep Learning Neural Network
Ahila, A, Poongodi, M, Hamdi, M, Bourouis, S, Rastislav, K and Mohmed, F
2022; Journal Frontiers in Public Health; no. 10;
Exploration of salient risk factors involved in mild cognitive impairment
Samson, AD, Shen, K, Grady, CL and McIntosh, AR
2022; Journal Eur J Neurosci;
Limitations of clinical trial sample size estimate by subtraction of two measurements
Chen, K, Guo, X, Pan, R, Xiong, C, Harvey, DJ, Chen, Y, Su, Y, Reiman, EM and Initiative, AsDN
2022; Journal Statistics in Medicine; no. 41; pp. 7;
Predicting brain structural network using functional connectivity
Zhang, L, Wang, L and Zhu, D
PMID: 102463 ; 2022; Journal Med Image Anal; no. 79;
An association test of the spatial distribution of rare missense variants within protein structures identifies Alzheimer_s disease-related patterns
Jin, BW, Capra, JA, Benchek, P, Wheeler, N, Naj, AC, Hamilton-Nelson, KL, Farrell, JJ, Leung, YY, Kunkle, B, Vadarajan, B, Schellenberg, GD, Mayeux, R, Wang, LS, Farrer, LA, Pericak-Vance, MA, Martin, ER, Haines, JL, Crawford, DC and Bush, WS
2022; Journal Genome Research; no. 32; pp. 4;
Development of a three tiered cognitive hybrid machine learning algorithm for effective diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease
Khan, A and Zubair, S
2022; Journal Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences;