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3740 Total Publications

A conditional autoregressive model for genetic association analysis accounting for genetic heterogeneity
Shen, X, Wen, Y, Cui, Y and Lu, Q
2021; Journal Statistics in Medicine;
Polygenic Effects of the Lipid Metabolic Pathway Accelerated Pathological Changes and Disrupted Default Mode Network Trajectory Across the Alzheimer’s Disease Spectrum
Zang, F, Zhu, Y, Liu, X, Fan, D, Wang, Q, Zhang, Q, He, C, Zhang, Z, Xie, C and Initiative, AsDN
2021; Journal The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry; vol. 82; no. 6; pp. 0-0;
Prediction of the progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease using a radiomics-integrated model
Shu, ZY, Mao, DW, Xu, YY, Shao, Y, Pang, PP and Gong, XY
PMCID:8290507 ; 2021; Journal Ther Adv Neurol Disord; vol. 14; pp. 17600000000000000;
Plasma phosphorylated-tau181 as a predictive biomarker for Alzheimer's amyloid, tau and FDG PET status
Shen, XN, Huang, YY, Chen, SD, Guo, Y, Tan, L, Dong, Q and Yu, JT
PMCID:8590691 ; 2021; Journal Transl Psychiatry; vol. 11; no. 1; pp. 585;
Altered Spontaneous Brain Activity in Subjects With Different Cognitive States of Biologically Defined Alzheimer's Disease: A Surface-Based Functional Brain Imaging Study
Zhu, Z, Zeng, Q, Kong, L, Luo, X, Li, K, Xu, X, Zhang, M, Huang, P and Yang, Y
PMCID:8435891 ; 2021; Journal Front Aging Neurosci; vol. 13; pp. 683783;
Plasma p-tau181 Level Predicts Neurodegeneration and Progression to Alzheimer's Dementia: A Longitudinal Study
Wang, YL, Chen, J, Du, ZL, Weng, H, Zhang, Y, Li, R, Jia, Z, Sun, M, Jiang, J, Wang, FZ and Xu, J
PMCID:8452983 ; 2021; Journal Front Neurol; vol. 12; pp. 695696;
Norms for Automatic Estimation of Hippocampal Atrophy and a Step Forward for Applicability to the Italian Population
De Francesco, S, Galluzzi, S, Vanacore, N, Festari, C, Rossini, PM, Cappa, SF, Frisoni, GB and Redolfi, A
PMCID:8273578 ; 2021; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 15; pp. 656808;
The Impact of Multimorbidity Burden, Frailty Risk Scoring, and 3-Directional Morphological Indices vs. Testing for CSF Responsiveness in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Soon, SXY, Kumar, AA, Tan, AJL, Lo, YT, Lock, C, Kumar, S, Kwok, J and Keong, NC
PMCID:8636813 ; 2021; Journal Front Neurosci; vol. 15; pp. 751145;
Exploring brain glucose metabolic patterns in cognitively normal adults at risk of Alzheimer's disease: A cross-validation study with Chinese and ADNI cohorts
Li, TR, Dong, QY, Jiang, XY, Kang, GX, Li, X, Xie, YY, Jiang, JH and Han, Y
PMCID:8648808 ; 2021; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 33; pp. 102900;
ARTS: A novel In-vivo classifier of arteriolosclerosis for the older adult brain
Makkinejad, N, Evia, AM, Tamhane, AA, Javierre-Petit, C, Leurgans, SE, Lamar, M, Barnes, LL, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging, I, Bennett, DA, Schneider, JA and Arfanakis, K
PMCID:8329541 ; 2021; Journal Neuroimage Clin; vol. 31; pp. 102768;