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Question Posted 04/22/13:
Hi ADNI team,
I would like to get the Whole Brain Volume (WBV) from all ADNI I subjects with FreeSurfer Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal. So I am using the UCSF-FSL (FreeSurfer 4.4) and UCSF-FSX (FreeSurfer 4.3) data (included in the R package name ADNIMERGE).
Could you please explain me witch columns should be added in order to get this WBV ?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,

Florent Roche.
Response posted 04/23/13 by Danielle:
Using FreeSurfer, Whole Brain can be calculated as the sum of "ST128SV", "ST17SV", "ST18SV", "ST61SV", "ST16SV", "ST53SV", "ST42SV", "ST29SV", "ST12SV", "ST11SV", "ST65SV", "ST76SV", "ST77SV", "ST120SV", "ST75SV", "ST112SV", "ST101SV", "ST88SV", "ST71SV", "ST70SV", "ST124SV". This is the definition that is used in the adnimerge dataset (you can type ?adnimerger in R to get definitions of the variables that are included in that merged datafile).
Response posted 04/24/13 by Danielle:
Correction to my earlier response: Whole brain should be the sum of the following regions: ST128SV, ST17SV, ST18SV, ST19SV, ST20SV, ST61SV, ST16SV, ST53SV, ST42SV, ST29SV, ST12SV, ST11SV, ST65SV, ST76SV, ST77SV, ST78SV, ST79SV, ST120SV, ST75SV, ST112SV, ST101SV, ST88SV, ST71SV, ST70SV, ST124SV (this includes 4 additional regions: ST19SV, ST20SV, ST78SV, ST79SV)
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