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Question Posted 03/12/18:
We are working with ADNI data. I am running into a few \"derived\" files. These seeM to be subsets of the \"raw\' data. So my question is: If I am looking for the \"raw\' data, especially for the Adas-Cog and MMSE, I should be using the \"raw\" data files correct? For instance, \"MMSE\" has all the MMSE data, or \"CDR has all the CDR data. I want to make sure I am using the right files. I looked at the data inventory on the site and it is not always clear what is a subset. Right now, for assessments, the 3 files i see that appear to be derived are \"ADNImERGE\', \"iTEM\" AND \"ADASSCORES\". The raw data exist elsewhere correct?

Response posted 03/12/18 by Danielle:
If you are interested in MMSE and CDR, then MMSE.csv and CDR.csv are the best places to find the data. For ADAS-Cog, the way in which it was stored in data files has changed over the phases of ADNI. ADASSCORES.csv has the question and total scores for ADNI-1 while ADAS_ADNI1.csv contains the item information. For ADNIGO/2/3, the equivalent information from these two files is all contained in ADAS_ADNIGO23.csv. ADNIMERGE.csv is a file that merges several tables together to make it easier for users who want to analyze some of the commonly utilized variables. ITEM.csv contains item level data for the neuropysch battery from ADNI-1.
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