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Question Posted 03/30/18:
Dear Support,
is it possible to download the whole data dictionary, that is the dictionary exaplaining all the variables in the table headers of Study Data in ADNI?
For sxample in the table advers_events>ADVERSE.csv there is the header:
Phase,\\\\\\\"ID\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"RID\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"SITEID\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"VISCODE\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"USERDATE\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"USERDATE2\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"AENUMBER\\\\\\\",.........., \\\\\\\"AECHRON9\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"AECHANGE10\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"AEDATE10\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"AESEV10\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"AECHRON10\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"update_stamp\\\\\\\"

Is is possible to download the explanation of all the header terms in all the tables?

For example, with \\\\\\\"SAEOTHER\\\\\\\" in the

I obtain:

Results for \\\\\\\"SAEOTHER\\\\\\\"
Definition Is this an SAE because it lead to another medically important condition?
Code 0=No;1=Yes
Phase ADNI3
CRF Adverse Events Log

Can I download somewhere the whole dictionary database?


Response posted 04/02/18 by Karen:
Yes, the data dictionary is one of the datasets available from within the Download | Study Data section.
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