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Question Posted 11/21/13:

I'm interested in the ADAS scores for delayed word recall at baseline.
For the ADNI1 cohort, there are 2 files that contain the data I'm looking for (ADAS 'Q4' and ADASSCORE 'COT4TOTL') but the scores differ for the same RIDs.
My guess is that one file contains the number of words the patients did recall and the other file the number of words they did not recall because taken the scores for delayed word recall from both files together for each patient always adds up to 10.

Which file does have the actual number of words recalled and which file contains the number of words NOT recalled, please?

If the actual number of words recalled is in the ADASSCORE file, then how does that affect the ADAS scores for delayed word recall for ADNI2 and ADNIGO? Are the scores in that file the actual words recalled or not?

Thanks in advance,
Response posted 11/21/13 by Melissa Davis:
In ADNI1, the ADAS table captured the item-level data captured by the site and the ADASSCORES table reports the scores calculated from that item-level data. The ADAS.COT4TOTL field represents the sum of the correct words marked correct for the delayed word recall item (COT4LIST).The ADASSCORES.Q4 field reflects the number incorrect, which is what contributes to the overall score. In ADNIGO/ADNI2 ADAS data, there is no equivalent to ADAS.COT4TOTAL. Only the score-contributing value (i.e., number incorrect) is provided in the ADAS.Q4SCORE field.
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