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Question Posted 11/21/13:

I'm interested in the ADAS total scores (ADAS11 and ADAS13 from ADAS for ADNI2/GO and from ADASSCORE for ADNI1 patients). Some ADNI1 patients end up with total scores that have decimals, which are a result of the Q1-scores for word recall.

Please, could you tell me how and why some patients end up with these decimals numbers (for example, 6.33) for word recall?

Thanks in advance,
Response posted 11/21/13 by Melissa Davis:
The ADAS data capture and scoring script were revised between ADNI1 and ADNIGO/ADNI2. The biggest difference is the greater precision in ADNI1 that included decimals for word recall.
Response posted 11/21/13 by Mike Donohue:
The decimals arise from taking the mean of 3 trials.
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