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Question Posted 02/26/19:
I am looking for the Abeta, Tau and Ptau data in CSF for ADNI1,GO,2 and ideally also 3.

I have downloaded and checked all the different lab tables (UPENNBIOMK_MASTER, UPENNBIOMK9_04_19_17, UPENNBIOMKADNIDIAN2017, ADNIMERGE), but do not understand which ones I need to use if I am only interested in baseline values and but would like to be able to compare between cohorts. From what I understand, the UPENNBIOMK_MASTER does only allow for comparisons within cohorts - is this correct? What does the "MEDIAN" batch in this table contain?

And which data was used for the ADNIMERGE table? The values for ADNI1 RIDs in this table seem to stem not from the UPENNBIOMK_MASTER table but from the UPENNBIOMK9_04_19_17 table. However, sometimes, there is a shift in decimal. Further, for ADNI2 I have not been able to find the source of the data.

I would be very very thankful for your help.
Response posted 03/22/19 by Michal Figurski:
The UPENNBIOMK_MASTER table contains results from CSF samples for multiple batches of analyses (1 through 8) by AlzBio3 assay (Luminex). It lists individual results from each batch, as well as MEDIAN results across all batches for each sample. You can use just the "MEDIAN" batch from this table.
UPENNBIOMK9 contains results of CSF samples by Elecsys assay. These results are not comparable to AlzBio3 results, therefore majority of the samples from the _MASTER table have been run again and have new results in batch 9. This is the recommended set of data to work with.
The ADNIDIAN data set expands a little on the batch 9 by adding new results, although there are some repeats.
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