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Question Posted 04/29/19:
Dear experts, I downloaded the fMRI DICOM data and corresponding T1(MPRAGE) data from Philip 3T. But when I opened the subject's dicom files one by one, I found all these files were sorted in a very messy way, which was not the interval sorting as described in QC. For instance, the first few fMRI dcm files of 010_S_5163 in ADNI2 Screening MRI-New Pt are:
I wonder how this phenomenon can be explained and does it affect my pre-processing.

Shan Li
Response posted 04/29/19 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

Our fMRI Experts have stated that DICOM filenames should not be used for any purpose. Please read the header information and sort appropriately.

Response posted 04/29/19 by Li Shan:
Dear expert:I used dicominfo to look at Slice Location of the first four dicom in 010_S_5163(fMRI, ADNI2 Screening MRI-New Pt), respectively are 62.9375, 62.9375, 62.9375, 62.9375. The DCM in the file is not in collection order(Interval), can this also be used directly for pre-processing. Thanks a lot.
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