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Question Posted 05/03/19:
I am interested in ADNI’s PIB SUV data.

I found the following tables in ADNI with PIB information:

1. Are there any other tables in ADNI, which will also give me PIB PET information including the following?
a. Summary cortical SUV
b. Cerebellar SUV
c. Composite reference region SUV
d. Summary SUVr
In PIBPETSUVR, there are different regions listed. From these data, can you please tell me how I can calculate the cortical SUVr using whole cerebellum SUV? If there is a method/analysis pdf available for me to refer, please point me to the file.

I would also like to know the specific activity, activity concentration, mass and the ligand amount used. Can you please tell me where I can find this information in ADNI database?
Response posted 05/03/19 by Susan Landau:
Use the PIBPETSUVR table to calculate PIB summary SUVRs by averaging together the SUVRs for anterior cingulate (ACG), frontal (FRC), lateral temporal (LTC) and parietal (PAR) regions. These SUVRs are already intensity normalized by cerebellar cortex (CER values = 1) so there is no need to intensity normalize further. Note that the reference region with PIB is typically cerebellar cortex which is what is provided here and not whole cerebellum.

The PIBMETA file contains all available information about ligand QC, scan timing, and injected dose, etc. Refer to the table called Data Dictionary for information about the column headings.
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