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Question Posted 05/14/19:
Dear expert,
I am looking at the UPENNBIOMKADNIDIAN2017 file. I am confused because I can see no ABETA value <192 (which should be the threshold for the presence of the disease). How is that possible? It seems like there are no ADs in this list. Or am I simply missing something (maybe I misunderstood the units).
Thank you
Response posted 05/28/19 by Michal Figurski:
Hello Marianna,
The '192 pg/mL' cut-off value is for Luminex assay. The data in the 'UPENNBIOMKADNIDIAN2017' table were obtained using Elecsys assay, which is a different platform and has a different range of results.
Regarding the cut-off value for Abeta42 from the Elecsys assay, there is a range of values published in the literature - from 880 pg/mL to 1100 pg/mL, depending on methodology and outcome type used in the analysis. As to us, in the Biomarker Core lab we use 980 pg/mL value as cut-off.
Kind regards,
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