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Question Posted 05/22/19:
Dear ADNI Experts,

Thank you for your response (dated 05/03/2019) to my previous questions to the PET core.

I have a few more questions:

1. I am unable to find the units in PIBMETA in the data dictionary. Can you please tell me the units for the following?
a. PBPIBDOS (PIB dose assay) - The dose assay values in AV45META and PIBMETA have different ranges so would like to know the units used in PIBMETA
b. PBRESID (Residual left in syringe) - Is it mL?
c. PBINJDOS (Net injected dose of PIB)
d. PBPIBVOL (PIB volume) - Is it mL?
2. In your response to my query about specific activity, activity concentration, mass and the ligand amount used, you mentioned that I can find ligand QC information in PIBMETA. However, I am not finding it in PIBMETA. Can you please point me to the correct table or column heading?

Thank you.
Response posted 05/28/19 by Susan Landau:
The units for PIB dosage, volume, etc. is millicuries (mCi).

About the PIB QC information, my guess is that QC of the PIB ligand was performed by the radiochemistry group making the ligand prior to delivery, so this information is not included in this form. Feel free to email Bob Koeppe to verify this (koeppe@med.umich.edu)
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