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Question Posted 08/29/19:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm a postdoc at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, My expertise is in neuroimaging. Recently I've started using ADNI database for my research projects. I'm interested in the association between brain activity as calculated based on resting-state fMRI data and Beta-Amyloid Deposition as obtained by PET AV45 images. I registered in ADNI website and now I can easily download the PET AV45 images from ADNI database. I'm wondering if there is any numerical data related to the ROI analysis of PET AV45 images that calculated the Beta-Amyloid Deposition in specific brain regions. This way I don't need to do the ROI analysis as an additional image processing step for my project and I can easily use the ROI analysis results available in ADNI database. I also tried to download such data from ADNI database but I wasn't successful and couldn't find the results related to the ROI analysis of the PET AV45 images there. I'd appreciate it if you help me with this.


Hassan Haddad, PhD Biomedical Engineering
Research Associate
Center for Functional and Metabolic Mapping (CFMM)
Robarts Research Institute
Western University
London, ON, Canada, N6A 5B7
Email: shaddad2@uwo.ca
Response posted 09/03/19 by Susan Landau:
Numerical amyloid PET is available for download on the ADNI website. After you log in to ida.loni.usc.edu, go to Projects --> ADNI, then Download --> Study data, and select "all" in the lower left at the bottom of the green box. This is all of the numerical data available in ADNI. If you search the page for UC Berkeley you will find the florbetapir and florbetaben ADNI analysis files and accompanying data dictionaries (in CSV format). Please be sure to look at the corresponding UC Berkeley PDF files which explain how the numerical data was derived.
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