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Question Posted 09/02/19:
I would like to know about PET description.
when I download the csv files, there is a description about PET data and I can only understand FBB or AV45 but i cannot understand what is 016-S-5031 or Iter_brain_Mod things.
Is there any guides for the meaning of description?
Response posted 09/02/19 by Bob Koeppe:
016_S_5031 is the unique subject ID. The first 3 digits identify the site, the "S" means subject (as opposed to "P" for phantom), and the 5031 is a unique 4-digit identifier for the particular subject.

ADNI-1 subjects are between 1 and 1500.
ADNI-GO subjects are in the 2000s.
ADNI-2 subjects are in the 4000 and 5000s.
ADNI-3 subjects are above 6000.

Other information has to do with the scanner specific reconstruction, and are found in the DICOM headers. The aren't necessary to understand, but give information about the scanner more than the specific subject.
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