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Question Posted 10/30/19:
Hi I'm a graduate student at Duke who are interested in Alzheimer's diagnosis and how we can improve the screening process. I have two questions.
1. Out of 800+ people of ADNI 1, why did we miss about 100 of hippocampus volume information at baseline?
2. Since I'm not in healthcare area of study, can you guide me the exact information you use when you diagnose people in ADNI program? Which parameters did you use and how did you use them? For example, which cognitive test did you use? Do you use biomarkers in the diagnosis process as well or you just recorded them without using?
Response posted 11/06/19 by michael weiner:
1) There are many reasons why hippocampal volumes are missing. It could have been failure to get an MRI, poor image quality, problems with the software used to obtain the hippocampal volume, or a mistake
2) he exact information you use when you diagnose people in ADNI program? This is provided in the "protocol" for each of the ADNI stiudies and the protocols are on the Website
3) Biomarkers are not used for diagnosis in ADNI. All diagnosis is "clinical diagnosis"

Its important to read the ADNI protocol before starting to use the data.
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