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Question Posted 11/11/19:
Hello. I am trying to do a longitudinal study using mild Alzheimer's Disease participants from the database. For all of the participants, that I have screened and decided to include in my study, they only have up to max 2.25 years worth of MRI data. My question is whether I have somehow chosen the only participants to have 2 years worth of data and you have collected more than this; or whether this is part of your protocol. If you have only got two years worth of data on participants, what is the reasoning behind this timescale? It would be great to have up to 5 years worth of MRI data to run a structural longitudinal study.
Thank you for your help.
Response posted 11/11/19 by ADNI MRI:
Thanks for your question to the MRI core.

Each subject has a different timeframe as to how many scans they have had, but I know for certain some subjects have been followed for nearly 10 years. If you are only seeing 2 years of data for subjects with IDs from 0-3999 I would recommend contacting LONI to help you with your search. Their help email is: dba@loni.usc.edu.
The ADNI GO/2 cohort will have subject IDs from 4000-5999
The ADNI3 cohort will have subject IDs of 6000+.

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