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Question Posted 11/15/19:
Dear ADNI Team,
For my research I used an old dataset called 'ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 1.5T'. But I can't find it at ida.loni.usc.edu under 'Other Shared Collections' anymore. What happened to the record? I'm using the record for a machine learning experiment. Is it recommended to mix other datasets like 'ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 3T' with 'ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 1.5T'? Are there significant differences between the field strengths that I should be aware of? I want to include as many records as possible.
Thank you for your time.
Response posted 11/19/19 by Monica E.:
The collection is again available in the 'Other Shared Collections'.
Response posted 11/20/19 by Aaron:
The ADNI_MRI_Tech_Proc_Manual states that according to the 'Study Design for the ADNI Trial' 4200 1.5T scans and 1050 3T scans, a total of 5250 MRI scans, should be available at the end of the study. But in the collection 'ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 1.5T' only 2182 of 4200 1.5T scans can be found. What happened to the rest of it? Also there are only 352 3T scans instead of 1050 in 'ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 3T'. Do i misunderstanding something?
Response posted 12/03/19 by Monica:
No revised collections have been formed, but the ADNI MRI core is discussing the possibility of doing so in future.
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