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Question Posted 02/24/20:
Hi there, I hope you can help me. I am looking to analyse some 3D pCASL and 3D PASL data from ADNI-3. Ideally, I was hoping to use CBF maps which had already been generated, but these seem to only be available for some of the 3D pCASL images and none of the 3D PASL ones - is this data available somewhere? For the ones that are available, have they been partial-volume corrected? Also, for the analysis pathway I intend to use, I need M0 files for reference - apologies if I am just unfamiliar with the nomenclature used, but where can I find these?
Thank you in advance, Jodi
Response posted 02/25/20 by Duygu:
Vendor estimated CBF maps should be available for all. When searching at LONI-IDA, you might need to include couple search terms though, including Cerebral blood flow instead of CBF.

CBF maps are not partial volume corrected.

Availability of M0 images depends on vendor protocol. 3D pCASL GE data comes with a separate M0 image but 3D pASL Siemens data will not have it.
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