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Question Posted 03/05/20:
Hello, I want to use the cross-sectional FreeSurfer measurements from Adni 1, Go, 2 and 3. I have seen that these measurements can be found within the files UCSFFSX6_02_05_20.csv and UCSFFSX51_11_08_19.csv and the volume measurements are in mm and are not normalised (as I have read in other previously asked questions). I would like to normalise them by using the eTIV value from FreeSurfer. I have also seen that in the ADNIMERGE.csv there is a column corresponding to ICV calculated from FreeSurfer by UCSF. However, most of the ICV values corresponding to each visit code are missing. This means, for example, that I can get the FreeSurfer measurements for a specific subject (RID=56) for the visit m168 but the latest visit that contains an ICV value in the ADNIMERGE.csv is the 108. Is there any other way of getting the corresponding missing ICV values? This specially affects Adni 3, whose measurements were obtained with Free Surfer V6.0 and none of them are within the ADNIMERGE.csv. Thank you very much for you help!
Response posted 03/28/20 by Duygu Tosun:
ICV for each time point is included in the UCSFFSX files. Look for the field ST10CV
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