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Question Posted 04/28/20:

I am interested in several biospecimen results specifically for ADNI3, but outside of the 'UPENN CSF Biomarkers' there are very few available on the IDA database. Is there a plan to release any ADNI3 biospecimen data on the near future, or do they have to be individually requested?

Please let me know if there is anyone I can contact to better understand when and if those data will be made available.

Thanks so much for your help
Response posted 04/28/20 by Les Shaw:
Dear Talia, thank you for your question. During the ADNI3 Phase of the ADNI study there have been at least 10 studies conducted by outside investigators whose studies were reviewed and approved by the RARC committee and results reported on the ADNI website. These study data are accessible under BIOSPECIMENS under STUDIES. I hope this helps.

Les Shaw
Response posted 04/29/20 by Talia:
Thank you so much for your quick response.

Unfortunately when I log onto https://ida.loni.usc.edu/ and go to DOWNLOAD > Study Data > Biospecimen > Biospecimen Results, for ADNI3 I only see 'UPENN CSF Biomarkers Elecsys' and ' ApoE - Results'.
Is it possible I am looking in the wrong place? Could you give me an example of some of the 10 spreadsheets that should be available? Perhaps they have not been labeled as ADNI3 despite including those participants/dates.

Thanks again for your help (and patience!)
Response posted 04/29/20 by Les Shaw:
Sorry you are having difficulty finding these files.. all of the files, including data in .csv file format, data dictionary and Methods document are under BIOSPECIMEN>ALL. A couple of examples of uploads of study data files, data dictionary, and Methods documents are there for each of the studies. For example, for Randy Batman’s plasma abeta study: “Bateman Lab Plasma A42/40 as a predictor of Brain Amyloidosis” with upload date of 2019-06-21 and each of the files including data dictionary, the .csv datafile, and a Methods document as an example; the William Hu study is: “Hu Lab CSF inflammatory proteins” files, upload date 2019-01-04, etc for each of the studies. If the individual was asking about data uploads in addition to the CSF data generated in the Biomarker Core lab done during ADNI3 all of the ~10 such studies uploaded since August 2016 as well as those during the earlier phases of ADNI are there. All of these studies have used samples requested by the investigators via the RARC mechanism. I hope this helps.
Response posted 04/30/20 by Talia:
Thanks again for working this out with me. Unfortunately the link to respond to your last response was not working. I am very interested in the "William Hu study is: “Hu Lab CSF inflammatory proteins” files, upload date 2019-01-04" you mentioned, for ADNI3. However the csv with the date 2019-01-04 is called "Hu Lab CSF inflammatory proteins [ADNI1] " and when I open the csv and sort on exam date, the most recent exam date is 10/18/2011 (despite having been uploaded in 2019). Will there be a comparable spreadsheet for the ADNI3 participants?

Thanks again!
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