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Question Posted 05/31/20:
Dear ADNI:

I am planning a study using ADNI DNA methylation data. I am specifically interested in looking at the relationship between DNA methylation age in relation to MCI and AD. I have learned that 640 ADNI participants have methylation data, and that these participants were either cognitively normal, had MCI, or had AD. I have a few questions that I was hoping you could clarify:
1) Among ADNI participants with DNA methylation data, how many had normal cognition, MCI, or AD at the time of the blood draw that was used for DNA methylation?
2) Was this incident normal cognition, MCI, and AD? In other words, were these cases of people who later on developed MCI and AD after the blood draw or did they have these outcomes at the time of the blood draw already?
3) Are the participants who had DNA methylation data still being followed to determine changes in their cognitive outcomes (e.g., transition from normal cognition to MCI/AD)?
4) How many participants with DNA methylation data have information on brain MRI measures (e.g., total brain and regional volumes)?

Thank you so much. I really appreciate any help you could provide on this.
Response posted 05/31/20 by Andy Saykin:
All of the questions regarding diagnosis, imaging and follow-up cell sizes can be answered by merging available data files in the ADNI database. A forthcoming report from the ADNI DNA Methylation Working Group addressing many of these issues will be published soon in Clinical Epigenetics.
Response posted 05/31/20 by Aladdin Shadyab:
Thank you, but I really need answers to these questions right now as I'm planning my study. When will the paper come out in Clin Epigenetics? Would you be able to share the paper that will be published soon in Clin Epigenetics? I will keep it in confidence.

I am not familiar with ADNI data, so I would be very grateful if you could put me in touch with someone (or send me the email of the investigator whom I could contact) who could clarify these questions for me.

Thanks for your consideration.
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