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Question Posted 07/27/20:
I read here methods/mri-tool/mri-pre-processing/ that pre-processing is not needed for MRI images. Is this true also for fMRI images? Do I need to perform any of unwrap, reslicing, timing correction, normalization and smoothing if I download the NiFTI version of the files, or are these files already ready for analysis?

Response posted 07/27/20 by Jeff Gunter:
The images you get from ADNI for RS-fMRI are not modified in anyway. You need to do all the preprocessing yourself. (If ADNI did this, we'd never choose parameters that users would find acceptable...)

In ADNI-1 (2004-2009), we performed both B1 and gradient distortion correction for T1-weighted images. Those are performed on all scanners currently in ADNI-3.
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