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Question Posted 09/03/20:
Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Thomas Rowe, I am a PhD student and currently conducting a systematic review. This review includes many studies which use the ADNI data set. One of the questions I am trying to answer is whether knowledge of Alzheimer's status was known when biomarker measurements were taken. In other words, did clinicians have knowledge of a person's Alzheimer's status when collecting information on MRI/genetics/ blood etc. I believe this is called blinding and is aimed to reduce any possible bias. I have tried to find this in the documents section, but have been unsuccessful.

Response posted 09/04/20 by Danielle:
The Biomarker Core has a policy of using (and sending) blinded samples for blood and CSF, so that unblinding only occurs after results are submitted for upload to the LONI website. This is described in the ADNI3 NIA Proposal on the Documents page. Most (if not all) of the imaging processing methods are fairly automated pipelines.
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