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Question Posted 05/09/13:
Dear All, may I ask you where I can find the 103 baseline PIB-PET data regarding 19 elderly cognitevely normal controls, 65 MCI subjects and 19 AD subjects, cited in the paper of Jagust et al., 2010? I downloaded the PIBPETSUVR.csv but I found only 20 subjects with PIB PET data at baseline. Thank you very much. Kind Regards, Cristina Muscio
Response posted 05/09/13 by Susan Landau:
Hi Cristina,
PIB scanning didn't begin until 2007, when many (but not all) ADNI subjects had enrolled. For some subjects, their first PIB scan coincided with their baseline visit, but for many subjects, their first ("baseline") PIB scan actually fell at one of their subsequent followup visits.

One way to identify the first PIB scan for each subject is to sort the PIBPETSUVR.csv first by RID and then by EXAMDATE. The first row for each subject will be that subject's "baseline" PIB scan.
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