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Question Posted 05/26/21:

I am working with the ADNIMERGE dataset which I downloaded on November 30th, 2020. I have a question about some values for the RAVLT_forgetting variable in this dataset.

To my knowledge, the RAVLT_forgetting variable should be between -15 and 15. Yet, I have identified some subjects with RAVLT_forgetting values below -15.

Specifically, subjects with RID 4188, 6073, 6287, 6450, and 6760 at VISCODE times of m96, m12, bl, bl, and bl respectively have RAVLT_forgetting values less than -15.

I was wondering if this is an error? Or, is there some explanation as to why these values are below -15?

Thank you,

Daniel Baer

Response posted 05/26/21 by Danielle:
There does appear to be something strange in the AVDEL30MIN scores for these individuals as they are all larger than 15 (which is why the forgetting score is less than -15). I will have to follow-up with the Clinical Core to find out what happened here.
Response posted 05/27/21 by Danielle:
I contacted the Clinical Core. They are aware of these cases and have been in touch with the sites to get the values corrected. It appears as though the time of the delay was entered rather than the number of words recalled for AVDEL30MIN variable, which is causing the errors in the RAVLT forgetting measure.
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