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Question Posted 06/09/21:
Hello dear ADNI team,

I send you this email because I think that I have found some mistakes regarding the EXAMDATES in the Registry file. I have noticed some duplicates i.e. some subjects that have two EXAMDATES for the same visit (VISCODE2).

These subjects (17) have the following RIDs (the VISCODE2 for which I have noticed the duplicates for each of them is in the parentheses):

1052(m144), 2308(m96), 4175(m84), 4199(m84), 4214(m84), 4352(m84), 4354(m84), 4369(m72), 4441(m84), 4446(m84), 4469(m72), 4576(m84), 4607(m96), 4643(m84), 4713(m84), 4926(m72), 6224(m36)

There are other subjects with the same problem but in these cases you can find the solution because of RGREASON variable. So maybe in the above cases the RGREASON variable is missing or maybe a different type of mistake has been done.

Could you fix this problem please? Maybe by updating the REGISTRY file? Or provide some information so as to find the right EXAMDATES?

Thank you

Best Regards,
Konstantinos Ioannou
Response posted 06/09/21 by Danielle Harvey:
This is a known issue that the Clinical Core is working on. VISCODE2 is a variable they created to “translate” the tracking visit codes to something more meaningful to the end users. Due to the pandemic and visits not happening when expected, this has caused the same VISCODE2 to be mapped to different VISCODEs for the same individual. They are working on a solution.
Response posted 06/10/21 by Konstantinos Ioannou:
Thank you very much for the response! I have one more question concerning this issue. I know that it is difficult to know, but do you have any ideas about when approximately we will have a solution to this problem? A possible time plan maybe? I understand that is tough to guess/know but I had to ask.

Thank you very much
Kind Regards
Kostas Ioannou
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