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Question Posted 12/26/13:
I want to know about detail APOE information.

I know all ADNI data include *.xml file each patient.

In xml file,I found below sentence.


What's mean APOE A1??
Is this mean allele or other mean??

And What's the numeber3 mean??

I'll waiting for your detail answer.

Thank You.

Response posted 12/26/13 by Sungeun Kim:
APOE genotype is represented by combination of e2 (episilon 2),e3 and e4. Each individual will have one of the following combinations: e2/e2, e2/e3, e2/e4, e3/e3, e3/e4, e4/e4. Although the order between two genotypes for each person doesn't matter, they are represented in the order of e2>e3>e4. Therefore, APOE A1 is the first APOE genotype of a given individual and the number 3 means that the first genotype is e3 for that person.
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