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Question Posted 06/06/22:
We are unable to exactly reproduce the hippocampal volumes reported by ADNI using FreeSurfer for ADNI3 subjects. We are trying to understand the cause of these discrepancies, and we have the following questions concerning the volumes and QC ratings reported in the file "UCSF_FreeSurfer_X6_12_13_21.csv". Could you please tell us:
1) What exact version of FreeSurfer are you using to generate the hippocampal volumes reported in the columns "ST29SV" and "ST88SV" of that file ?
2) What exact OS version are you using to run FreeSurfer to get the volumes reported in that file?
3) You report the QC rating of the hippocampus segmentation in the column "HIPPOQC" of the file. What FreeSurfer output image(s) are you inspecting to generate those QC ratings, and could you provide an approximative guidelines used to make these ratings?
4) Do you perform any manual intervention(s) at any time of the FreeSurfer process to potentially correct the segmentations, or any intermediary files?
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.
Kind regards
Response posted 06/06/22 by KC:
We suggest you download the data dictionary that corresponds to that dataset. (UCSF - Cross-Sectional FreeSurfer (6.0) Dictionary) and also the "UCSF - FreeSurfer Methods (PDF)" document which has additional details and contact information.
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