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Question Posted 07/26/22:
Dear MRI core, I am working with FreeSurfer version 4.3. Here I noticed that some participants were twice included. Is the reason that after the ADNI 1 protocol there was a MPRAGE and MPRAGE repeat scan? Thus, I am wondering what result / what measurement to include? Additionally, I noticed that under the variable "version" sometimes a participant that is twice included has different version dates - I wonder what to select.
Many thanks in advance and kind regards, Marthe
Response posted 08/01/22 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

After checking with the UCSF team that has done the FreeSurfer processing for ADNI.

They suggested for multiple scan cases we use recommended one from Mayo QC table.

Thank you

Response posted 08/02/22 by Marthe:
Thanks a lot for your answer!
I already had a look into the Mayo QC table - I am very sorry if I missed important information, but I already checked the QC files (QC for ADNI Go/ 2 and MRI MPRAGE ranking for ADNI 1) but some participants' visits are not in these tables, here I did not find the screening MRI for some roll-over participants from ADNI 1 to GO, who were still measured in a 1.5 Tesla scanner. Or is there another table that I haven't found yet? Then I was also wondering how the version date in the FreeSurfer table should be understood? E.g. one participant has 2 scans (different image IDs ) from one MRI measurement (in version 4.3), I cannot detect what scan to select based on the quality, and then the images have different versions (one in 2013 and one 2015)? Can you maybe please give me an advice how to select the "right" scan? Many thanks in advance!
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