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Question Posted 08/23/22:
Dear MRI Core Experts: I am planning to adapt ADNI3 MR protocols on our SIEMENS 3T Prisma Scanner. I am wondering where I can download the diffusion gradient table of protocol S127 (with b values being 0, 500, 1000 and 2000)? Thanks for your generous help!
Response posted 09/02/22 by Rob Reid:
We would like people to go through LONI so they get the instructions and disclaimer along with the diffusion tables.

The URL is ​https://ida.loni.usc.edu/pages/access/studyData.jsp?categoryId=14&subCategoryId=45 , but because of the way LONI is set up just going to the URL directly never works.

Go to ​https://ida.loni.usc.edu
log in,
go to Projects -> ADNI -> Download -> Study Data.
Wait for the green sidebar to appear on the left.
Go to Imaging -> MR Image Acquisition.
Now you should see the ADNI 3 Diffusion Gradient Table information links for each manufacturer.
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