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Question Posted 09/15/22:
Good day
I was planning to do cross sectional MRI imaging analysis on ADNI 3 baseline patients and would like to ask how I could excract cognitive assesment data. I tried to do via dvanced search fucntion but cannot download these data.

Also, how do I know that what type of PET imaging and isotope was used to include the patient into database for example in ADNI 3 baseline.
Response posted 09/16/22 by Danielle:
All of the cognitive data may be downloaded from the Study Data page. Depending on which cognitive tests you want, you may find everything in the ADNIMERGE file, which is in the Data & Database section of the page (Key ADNI tables merged into one table). RID is the unique participant identifier in these files (RID corresponds to the last 4 numbers in the PTID for the MRI which is typically of the form XXX_S_XXXX, so RID would be the 4 numbers following the _S_).

PET was not used for inclusion into the study. In ADNI GO/2, florbetapir (AV45) was used for amyloid imaging. In ADNI-3, florbetapir and florbetaben (FBB) were used for amyloid imaging and flortaucipir (AV1451) was used for tau imaging. You may find the summary measures derived from these scans also on the Study Data page along with methods documents and data dictionaries.

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