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Question Posted 11/28/22:
Dear ADNI MRI expert,
I’m looking for data on the number and location of cerebral micro bleeds. On the ADNI website (Data types -> MRI IMAGE), I could find that the Mayo Clinic provides such data (on T2 GRE images). However, I have thus far not been able to locate these data, also not via the link that was provided ("See GRE in the Image Data Archive").
Can you help me to obtain these, or comparable, data on cerebral microbleeds? Many thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Bea Kuiperij
Response posted 12/05/22 by Chad Ward:
The Microbleed data are available on LONI by going to the "ADNI" project
then the "Download" menu;
then the "Study Data";
then on "Imaging" (in the menu on the left of the screen);
then on "MR Image Analysis";
selecting the checkbox next to: "Mayo (Jack Lab) - ADNI MRI MCH [ADNIGO,2,3]";
and then the "Download" button (upper right of the screen).
The dictionary and methods papers are located in
"ADNI" project;
"Study Data";
"MR Image Quality";
and are called:
"Mayo (Jack Lab) - ADNI MRI MCH Dictionary [ADNIGO,2,3]"
"Mayo (Jack Lab) - ADNI MRI MCH Methods (PDF)"
Thank you for your interest!

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