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Question Posted 02/12/14:
Hello Sirs,

We are making an study applying data mining techniques to ADNI repository. We are going to administer some test to a group of subjects and we want to use exactly the same test as you. We need to use Logical Memory Test I & II and we are worried about intellectual property rights of Wechsler Memory Scale, so it would be great to know if is there any problem in using the version you use (modified from Wechsler D. Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised. San Antonio, Texas: Psychological Corporation; 1987) and where can we find the template. Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,

Response posted 02/19/14 by Archana Balasubramanian:
Hi Aaron,

ADNI uses 2 different stories. The primary version used is "Version 1-Anna Thompson" and the secondary one is "Version 2- Greg Fortune" Please contact Pearson for licensing information (http://www.pearson.com/)

English and Spanish versions available"
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