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Question Posted 03/26/24:
I am currently working with the CN DWI data of ADNI3 and require the EPI as well as echo spacing values of the DWI images for data pre-processing. The data I am using was acquired on Siemens Prisma_fit scanners with multi-shell acquisition (b=0, b=500, b=1000, b=2000). I only found the ADNI3 MR protocol of Siemens Prisma D13, Prisma VE11C, and Prisma 2018 0612, however, those protocols do not seem to be the ones used for my subjects, as they do not cover the specified multi-shell acquisition. May I ask you to please provide me the used MR protocol (e.g. for subject ID 941_S_6581).
Thank you very much and kind regards,
Franziska Hildesheim
Response posted 03/26/24 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

The subject referred to appears to have had 3 scans in ADNI3, 2 of them include the MB DTI. That being said, the site has reported issues when scanning the multiband DTI where the scanner has forced them to make accept a slight change to the protocol to allow the scan to run due to SAR warnings. I am not sure if that is what you are seeing or not? If you can provide more detail to our direct email: adniMRI@mayo.edu we can investigate this further.

As a reference, the MRI protocols for ADNI 3 can be found here: https://adni.loni.usc.edu/methods/documents/mri-protocols/
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