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Question Posted 05/08/24:
When I merge the GWAS data of ADNI1, ADNI2 and ADNI3, I want to merge the above three data sets into one. I'm looking at the ADNI3 Procedures Manual
Version 3.0, foundFor instructions on how to assign a
new screening participant ID, please refer to the ADNI3 Data Entry Manual. But I can't find the ADNI3 Data Entry Manual(PDF) on the entire ADNI website. I would like to know how to confirm whether a patient has participated in different stages of ADNI multiple times.
Response posted 05/08/24 by Danielle:
The RID (and PTID) are assigned at the time of enrollment and does not change over the course of the entire study. So, a participant enrolled in ADNI-1 will have the same RID (and PTID) in ADNI-GO,2, and 3 (and 4) if they continue on.
Response posted 05/08/24 by KC:
You can use the Registry dataset, available in the Enrollment section, to ascertain each participants enrollment across phases.
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