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Question Posted 05/09/24:
According to the ADNI3 program manual Version 3.0 stipulates that member (PTID) in genetic GWAS data is displayed as a 3-digit site number, a single character identifier, followed by a sequential 4-digit subject number. Participants from
ADNI1 began at 0001, EMCI participants enrolled into ADNIGO began at 2001, and participants enrolled into ADNI2 began at 4001. ADNI3 participants enrolled into ADNI3 will begin at 6000. For example, does that mean that if a patient is 001_s_0001 in ADNI1, if he continues the next experiment, he will be 001_s_2001 in ADNIGO , it is 001_s_4001 in ADNI2, and 001_s_6001 in ADNI3. However, after performing relevant data operations, I found that there is no patient from ADNI1 to ADNI3, and there are only more than ten patients from ADNI2 to ADNI3, but every experiment There are still several hundred people in the rollover. Is there something wrong with my understanding of Participants? Or is this result normal?
Response posted 05/09/24 by Danielle:
If a participant enters the study in ADNI-1 and gets PTID 001_S_0001, that PTID will stay the same in all phases of ADNI. So, if that person rolls over into ADNIGO, 2, 3 (or 4), they will still be 001_S_0001. Participant 001_S_2001 would be a different person.
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