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Question Posted 02/26/14:
We're downloading sequences for processing at the DRC and have encountered some scans with previously unknown series descriptions:
ADNI_073_S_2182 ADNI2 V11 "MPRAGE_S2_DIS3D"
- Some other recent site 73 scans use "MPRAGE_S2_DIS3D" too, in the case of ADNI_073_S_2182 ADNI2 V11 there are also the same descriptions we have previously encountered (a total of 4 pre-processed images listed for download), which images should we be processing? From acquisition parameters the source images for the two GRAPPA2 appear to be the same, similarly for the non-accelerated scans, but originalRelatedImage imageUIDs are different, e.g. 400370 and 400372.
Response posted 02/27/14 by Bret Borowski:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

These "DIS3D" images are derived form the standard MPRAGE sequences where 3D distortion correction is turned on. The scanner will provide non corrected scans and 3D corrected scans.

ADNI would recommend using the standard MPRAGE scans and/or pre-processed scans from Mayo with the pipeline gradient correction for these cases.

Thank you

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