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Question Posted 03/19/14:
I would like to have the Whole Brain volume (grey + white matter including cerebellum) from FreeSurfer in ADNI-2 but I am getting confused with the columns that I should sum... I am using the ucsffsx51 data. I tried with "ST154SV" (TotalGM) and "ST152SV" (CorticalWM) but I guess some other columns should be added because volumes is lower than expected.
Response posted 04/17/14 by Danielle:
Below is the response from UCSF who generates the FreeSurfer measures:

"We suggest for whole brain volume they combine Cortical Gray matter volume + Cortical white matter + subcortical gray volume + cerebellum cortex + cerebellum WM, however the cerebellar portions are optional depending on what they are interested in. ICV is also included in our reported numerics, though some experts prefer not to use this measure. More information on specific FreeSurfer outputs can be found on the FreeSurfer wiki: http://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/fswiki/FreeSurferWiki"
Response posted 04/24/14 by Roche:
Thanks a lot for this detailed answer. I compared FreeSurfer Whole Brain Volume from ADNI-1 and ADNI-2 using your definitions but I found a large volume difference for each comparable cohorts. For example
- ADNI1-LMCI: mean=999 mL
- ADNI2-LMCI: mean=1157 mL
Please find below the columns I used for computing Whole Brain Volume (including cerebellum) in ADNI2 (the one you recommend in your previous email):
Did I miss something?
May I ask you to help me on this topic...
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