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Question Posted 05/16/13:
Dear Experts: I am finding it difficult to locate the test results for the "Cognitive Testing" for ADNI-GO/2. For example, when I was working with ADNI-1 data only, I was able to make use of the CSV-file "Item.csv" from the Neuropsychological section of "Download Study Data. However, in a very recent download, "Item" still only includes data for ADNI-1 participants. (I am mostly interested in the RAVLT, but I suspect the other tests will be in the "new" location as well). Thanks in advance for any help with this matter
Response posted 05/16/13 by Danielle:
Item level data was only collected for ADNI-1, as a funded side-project. The RAVLT subscores (learning trials, intrusions, delayed recall, recognition) are available in NEUROBAT.csv (Neuropsychological Battery [ADNI1,GO,2] on the Study Data page) for all phases of the study. Sub-scores for all other tests that are part of the battery are also included in this file, with the exception of MMSE, CDR, and ADAS-Cog, each of which have their own files.
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