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Question Posted 05/14/14:
Hi, I am completely new here. I am just going to start my work, so would like to collect data from ADNI MRI database. I want to download - Complete visits (BL, M06, M12, M18, M24, M36). Which data collection is representing it in the list (under Download, image collection, other shared collection, ADNI)?
How to understand the meaning of different dataset names? As per information 151 standarized data are available for 3T MRI. but the listed set is offiring only 40 in baseline set. Why this is so?
Response posted 05/14/14 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
The names and descriptions of the standardized datasets are at the following link:


For all ADNI1 visits, you would want to download both ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 1.5T and ADNI1:Complete 3Yr 3.0T since the 1.5T and 3.0T scans are separated in these collections.

Further, keep in mind that these collections only include data for ADNI1. If you would like to download ADNI2 MRI data, you will have to use the Search Menu.
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