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Question Posted 04/30/14:
Dear ADNI experts,

We are interested in quantifying a set of ADNI FDG-PET scans. My concern is whether we can merge both ADNI1 FDG-PET and ADNI2 FDG-PET datasets in its most processed version (Coreg,_Avg,_Std_Img_and_Vox_Siz,_Uniform_Resolution) as a single group of images; i.e. can we assume there is no significant difference in the acquisition and processing methods during the statistical analysis?

Thanks in advance,

Response posted 04/30/14 by Susan Landau:
Yes, the datasets have been acquired and processed uniformly so they can be merged.
Response posted 04/30/14 by Robert Koeppe:
Yes, the acquisition protocols for the FDG scans for both ADNI 1 and ADNI 2 are the same, and the processing steps are the same as well. There have been scanner changes, and software upgrades at some sites, but those have happened not only between ADNI 1 and 2, but also at times within ADNI 1 and within ADNI 2.
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