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Question Posted 06/02/14:
Good afternoon.

I am trying to use the hippocampal masks available from the screening phase but I can't make them to overlay with the original image. I'm using the minc format and the minc toolkit to process the images. I need to make some kind of registration to the masks so they can overlay with the hippocampus in the image? Even if I make a translation of the mask with the minctracc function I can't completely overlay the two images. Thanks for the help.
Patrick Brandão
Response posted 06/13/14 by ADNI MRI Core:
Patrick -- Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

Since your question is with co-registering the images, and not the masks themselves, the analysis team would recommend you get in touch with the team that developed the MINC toolkit for assistance navigating their software, or utilize a different program altogether. The analysis team at CIND primarily uses of SPM8 for co-registration, which has a fairly user-friendly interface. There is other software one can use for mask overlay, such as MIPAV, but if the images need to be moved into the same space for analysis.

Thank you

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