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Question Posted 06/03/14:
We are having a bit of trouble matching up records between the "Diagnosis Summary" dataset and the LONI Imaging database.

The FAQ says that the roster ID (RID) field in the diagnosis summary CSV sheet should match up to the subject ID in LONI (last 4 digits of the LONI subject_ID field).

Let's take an example from the diagnosis summary sheet. RID: 4094, SITEID 9, ID 1778. This is from ADNI2

Searching in LONI for subject_ID of 4094 gives us only one participant - 012_S_4094. This appears to be a different patient because the site is different. 12 in LONI and 9 in the CSV sheet.

Let's take another example from the CSV sheet. RID 4388, SITEID 6. The only hit in the LONI database is 009_S_4388. Again, the site is wrong.

Let's do a third example. RID 4268, SITEID 10 in the CSV sheet. LONI gives us the following hit: 013_S_4268. Again, the site is off.

Could someone please clarify this? Are we using the wrong column for SITEID? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Response posted 06/03/14 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
Subject RID 4094 is indeed associated with Subject ID 012_S_4094. And the following examples you list are all correctly identified.

The Site ID listed in the ADNI data is not used in the subject ID. A separate code is used instead.

An easier way of finding out Subject ID would be to use the Roster table located in Download Study Data under the Enrollment Category.
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