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Question Posted 06/05/14:
I am trying to identify the current diagnosis status for samples in the WGS data (##_S_####). I have cross-referenced the last four digits of the PTID (RID) against the Diagnostic Summery table and this pulls out 4716 entries of which 789 are unique. So there are multiple entries in this file for each RID. My question is; what criteria should I use to select the diagnosis amount the entries for each RID? Sometimes a single RID has different a status and so it is not a simple as filtering only by RID.
Response posted 06/10/14 by Sungeun Kim:
I don't know which diagnostic summary table you used to pull out the diagnosis information, but there exists diagnosis information from the baseline to the most recent visits for everyone in the ADNI database. Also, the ADNI is the longitudinal study following all participants over multiple years. Therefore, the diagnosis will change over time. So, selection of diagnosis will totally depend on your scientific hypotheses and it is hard to say any uniform criteria for selecting the diagnosis. If you are interested in the most recent diagnosis, please look at Phase, Visit, and Exam Date which can tell you which diagnosis is the most recent for each individual.
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