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Question Posted 07/08/14:
Could you please walk me through image naming?

For example, here is a T1 file name:


002_S_0413=subject ID. OK
MR_MT1__N3m_BR=scan information. OK
2011=year. OK
07=month. OK
01=day. OK
095117041=??? this number is not explained in the attached XML file. What is it? It can't be hh:mm:ss, because that doesn't leave enough time for subsequent T1's to be acquired (e.g. 10:53am for one T1 and also 10:53am for the next).
S111989=series ID. What exactly does series ID mean?
I242896=image ID. OK. Unique image identifier.

P.S. Thanks for answering our previous question!!
Response posted 06/16/14 by LONI:
The series ID and Image ID are internally assigned numbers used to identify scans. Each scans has a single series ID, however a series may have multiple subparts (for example a dual echo scan) and each subpart is assigned a unique image ID. Processed scans are also assigned a unique image ID but retain the series ID of the raw scan from which they were derived. The other numbers (between 'Br and S111989) are internally generated numbers used for ensuring uniqueness.
Response posted 06/26/14 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core

It appears that you chose the LONI converted version of NiFTI file when downloading.
For questions with the IDA, please e-mail dba@loni.usc.edu for further explanations of the file names.

Our best guess for the file name is below:

ADNI_ (the project under which the scan is stored at LONI)
002_ (site ID)
S_ (is a “subject” scan)
0413_ (subject ID)
MT1__ (is a 3D MPRAGE or 3D IRfSPGR type scan)
N3m_ (has been through the “N3m” intensity normalization corrections at the ADIRL);
Br_ (no clue- is a LONI code)
20110701095117041 (not sure- best guess would be the date/time stamp the image was created on LONI- YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.SSS)
S119989_ (LONI series ID)
I242896 (LONI image ID)
.nii (NiFTI file).

We (ADIRL at Mayo) can guarantee what the file name means (and data integrity) ONLY for the data we upload. We suggest that you download the exact data that ADIRL sent to LONI. To pull the data the ADIRL uploaded to LONI, choose the “As Archived” button in the upper right of the download window, when downloading from LONI. All the preprocessed files are uploaded as NiFTI format, there is no need to pull a converted copy created by LONI.

Thank you

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