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Question Posted 09/07/14:
I cannot download data files onto either my MacIntosh Pro laptop System 10.9.4 or my HP ENVY System 8.1. On the Mac, I get over to a Window where I select MacIntosh Pro and Home. Selecting this brings up s window which indicates the first file is being loaded and then it dies, saying it cannot load the file. In Windows 8.1, it gets to what is probably a download window and the quits. What do I need to do? incidentally, of my two previous questions, one eventually appeared in the data base, but I did not receive a direct reply on either one.
Response posted 09/08/14 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
For the Mac:

In Safari 7 there is a new security setting.


You have to go to the Safari preferences and give the Java plugin "unrestricted access" to the file system, then restart Safari.

Here is the path to setting:

Safari preferences / Security tab / Internet plugins: manage website settings (then select Java plugin) / Run in unsafe mode

Restart Safari before trying again.

This should fix the issue.

For the Windows:

Perhaps your Java plugin is not up to date. You will need the Sun/Oracle Java Plugin version 1.5 or higher.

Test whether your plugin is correct at the following link:

Install the latest plugin- Java version 7 Update 45 : http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp

Try restarting the computer before re-attempting to download

If none of this works, try using a different browser. The IDA tends to work best with chrome, firefox, and newer versions of explorer.
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