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Question Posted 10/10/14:
I am using Advanced Search to find the images in the ADNI2 project who have first, 3-month, and 1-year visits.

Of this group people I would like to download the structural T1, ASL and fMRI (if applicable). I am also interested in FDG, but that is a different core.

In my search query I checked
-- in \'Project phase\', the box \'ADNI2\'
only people from ADNI2
-- in \'Study/Visit\', the box \'ADNI2 Year 1 Visit\'
Year 1 Visit implies first and month-3 visits
-- in \'Image Descriiption\' the expression \'*fusion*\'
wildcard search for perfusion

The query is as general as possible, to yield as many images as possible, but the Search Results show only 4 scans: 2 subjects, both 2 scans.

Could you please tell me why this query does not work, and point me to the right way to formulate these queries?
Response posted 10/14/14 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

In ADNI2 -- fMRI and ASL are not acquired on the same subjects. fMRI scans are acquired on Philips MRI scanners and ASL is acquired on Siemens MRI scanners, thus both modalities would not be available on the same subject.

For questions concerning downloading the data can you please contact LONI directly at adni@loni.usc.edu


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