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Question Posted 10/27/14:
I find only 717 VCF files within the 25 zip archives I downloaded from (see listing below). I would expect 809 files, according to ADNI_WGS_Notice_20130917. Did I miss something ?

002_snps.zip 009_011_snps.zip 016_018_snps.zip 023_051_snps.zip 035_036_100_snps.zip 067_098_snps.zip 073_snps.zip 127_129_snps.zip 130_135_snps.zip
003_005_snps.zip 012_014_snps.zip 019_020_021_snps.zip 027_029_snps.zip 037_053_snps.zip 068_109_snps.zip 099_114_snps.zip 128a_snps.zip
006_007_snps.zip 013_031_snps.zip 022_024_snps.zip 032_033_057_snps.zip 041_052_070_snps.zip 072_snps.zip 116_136_snps.zip 128b_137_snps.zip
Response posted 10/28/14 by Sungeun Kim:
There are 29 sets of WGS data. If you downloaded 25 sets, that might be the reason that you have 717 VCF files instead of 809.
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