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Question Posted 10/31/14:
Is their a way to obtain an equivalent of the MPRAGEMETA file for T2 and PD images? This would be very useful in order to tag the images using the unique image id. Thank you.
Response posted 12/04/14 by Karen:
We've added a comprehensive MRI Listing to the download section under MR Image Acquisition and named "MRI Scan Metadata Listing".
Response posted 12/05/14 by Olivier:
The problem with the 'MRI Scan Metadata Listing' is that for dual PD/T2 it is impossible to know which IMAGEUID is the PD and which IMAGEUID is the T2 since they have the same sequence name. For example: Subject Visit MagStrength Sequence Scan Date LONISID LONIUID IMAGEUID Scanner
037_S_1421 ADNI1 Screening 1.5 FSE PD/T2 2007-08-27 11613 38600 70852 GE MEDICAL SYSTEMS
037_S_1421 ADNI1 Screening 1.5 FSE PD/T2 2007-08-27 11613 38600 70853 GE MEDICAL SYSTEMS

That's why a file for T2 images and another file for PD images with the IMAGEUID, similar to the MP-RAGE file, would be very useful.
Thank you!
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